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Bed Bugs On the Rise in the Savannah – St. Simon – Brunswick Georgia Area ! Call 843-476

There are just simply more bed bugs out there today than 5 years ago.

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Our phone calls have multiplied 4 times in the past 2 years.

In the Savannah and Coastal Areas We have a lot of Rental Properties, Hotels, Colleges, Military Bases, Shipping Centers. These tend to have a lot of transient tenants. The more you have different tenants at a higher rate increases the risk of infestation.

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They can easily be transferred into a property on

  1. Cloth, They love cloth. The thicker the better. Look near host for evidence in cloth

  2. Wood products – Rougher Grainy Wood is preferred. Bed Frames, Headboards, Joints, Screw Holes, ( Bed Bugs don’t like slick surfaces )

  3. Used Furniture

  4. Dirty Clothing,

I have had a lot of calls from Customers that have obtained bed bugs by being kind hearted and accepting vistors into their home. I am all for being kind hearted and helping others. However you need to be cautious in that this could really cause a problem for you. If you can run their clothes through a dryer for 40-45 minutes before they enter the structure that helps dramatically because thats usually how they are brought in. And inspect their items for evidence of bed bugs. I would simply ask if they have been infested with bed bugs.

With Our Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment Method we take advantage of the fact that Bed Bugs have no resistance to high temperatures.

This is an extreme infestation we encountered doing some volunteer work at a

Homeless Shelter.

We exceed the killing temperature of 118 degrees. We heat at 130-135 and use fans to circulate the heat into cracks ,cloth, drapes and furniture.

With one treatment we can effectively eliminate bed bugs in a residence.

We set the beds up like a tent and use our heaters and fans to zero in on the high target areas.

If you are in need of an inspection or an estimate for treatment just call us and we will respond immediately.

Call 843-476-4301

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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