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Bed Bugs No Longer Affected By Common Pesticides ! Atlanta – Macon – Savannah – Ge

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Bed Bugs Are No Longer Affected By Commonly Used Pesticides !

This is why we use Thermal Remediation Electric Heat. I found very quickly the resistance of Bed Bugs to Pesticides. I was so frustrated and was determined to find a more effective way. While Cimexa – Bed Bugs are very resistant to most pesticides they have no resistance to temperatures above 118-120 degrees. By heating the area above those temperatures and gaining exposure to all infested items we can successfully rid the structure of bed bugs.

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The above picture is an especially infested encasement. This goes to show that encasements alone are not the answer. They simply trap any insects inside the encasement but do nothing for the insects outside the encasement. They are however a great tool to use as a safety net for any type of bed bug treatment and are always recommended. Bed Bugs will usually nest close to the host(s). They also love to lay eggs in cloth and rough wood materials. Having items under the bed is not a good idea. Nightstands, Electric outlets, Behind baseboards are common areas for them to nest. Pictures above the bed make good hiding spots also. I find them all the time nesting at the ceiling. Their black dot excrement marks are a dead giveaway.

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If you are having a bed bug problem in Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hilton Head Areas give us a call at 770-957-1915. We will inspect and give a free estimate for Thermal Remediation Treatment. We are licensed exterminators with many years of experience with these terrible bugs.

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