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Bed Bugs in the Workplace

Bed Bugs In The Office – Workplace !

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Bed Bugs Found In Office – True Story

 We received a call from another pest control company requesting to use the Sensor Dogs at a large office building where some bed bugs were found. The K9 team went out at night and inspected a large area with around 80 cubicles. The dogs traced the scent down to about 4 cubicles. The handler could not find any live bed bugs but told them there is something going on in  this area, which was about a 4 cubicle area. The employees in that area had their homes inspected and found one with a fairly heavy bed bug infestation. The company paid for her home to be treated and let them pay back weekly payments. I really think this was a great idea. Problem solved for now.

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In a work environment and Bed Bugs are found.

What Do You Do ?

Most of the time they are being brought in by employees with a bed bug infestation at their homes. How can you determine where they are coming from ? What is the risk to other employees and the business. The Business needs to pay attention and act quickly !  I would recommend that you consider a Sensor Dog K9 inspection to see if they can at least pin it down to an area.

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   Our dogs can assist in determining the location of live bed bugs in an office environment. There is usually not a lot of preferred nesting areas in an office. No one sleeps there 😐  Most office furniture is not as preferred as homes and home furniture. Over the years we have been called out for many office settings. Many times it’s not bed bugs. If it is a bedbug it’s usually a “drop off” from an employee with a bed bug problem at their home. If you serve the public, clients can come in and leave some behind. We see this in places like Dialysis Centers, Doctors office, Dentas waiting areas, etc. This is also how hotels become infested so don’t unload on them too hard. Until it is brought to someone’s attention nothing is usually done. While it’s difficult to prevent bed bugs, there are proactive steps that can be taken.

  1. Education – Familiarity with Bed Bugs

  2. Communication with employees ( Discuss prevention.)

  3. Get professional help by specialists.

  4. Get a Sensor Dog inspection for accurate evaluation.

Treatments if needed must be precise and thorough.  In some cases heat may be a good option however if someone is bringing them in it very easily can duplicate. A residual material and monitoring is needed in these cases. It can be traumatic for those that don’t understand the bug. You probably are more exposed at a movie theatre than your office. A controlled environment has a better chance of succesful control.

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If you are having an issue in your office, give us a call today and we will answer questions and try to solve your problem.

Call 770-957-1915 Today to solve your bed bug issues.

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