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Bed Bugs In Georgia!

We have found Bed Bugs to be a growing infestation in Georgia similar to other areas of the U.S. In one year Atlanta went from number 42 to number 21 in the list of most infested cities. I attribute that to our International Airport and a lot of transient movement. We are getting a lot of calls from Residential Homeowners , Apartments, and Housing Authorities. I am so thankful we made the decision to purchase Heat Equipment and especially electric equipment. We have 2 crews that are doing treatments every day. We go all over Georgia and South Carolina completing these treatments. I hear people say “I don’t think I will get bed bugs because I keep my house very clean” . Understand Bed Bugs are not impressed with your housekeeping habits. They only feed on blood and anyone can transport them into their home. We do treatments every day in very clean residences. Most of our customers either get bed bugs by picking them up in hotels-resorts or bringing in used infested furniture. Sometimes out of town visitors can also bring them in. Unfortunately there is not a much you can do to keep them from being brought in except to understand more about them and how they spread. At Clark Pest Remedy we will do an evaluationn of the property to make sure that it is bed bugs. We also look for any issues that could cause a problem for treatment. Unfortunately these heat treatments are rather expensive. We have a lot of costs for labor,fuel, and equipment. However if you compare the cost to chemical treatments which are relatively inneffective you will find it is the best choice. Another problem with chemical treatments is the tenant has an incredible amount of preperation work to do. Generally chemical applications are done at least 4 times. The tenant must take all of their clothes to a laundromat and dry and wash them every time a treatment is done. Wow thats a lot of work. Our heat treatments take all day but we deal with the clothes in most cases and when they get home they are bed bug free in one treatment. If you have a bed bug problem call our Bed Bug Hotline 678-873-5785 from 7am til 10pm and we will answer any questions you may have.

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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