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Bed Bugs in Atlanta – Heat Treatments – The Way To Go !

Thermal Remediation Equipment is Best for Bed Bug Treatments !

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When performing Heat Treatments Cloth Density is the Enemy

Thick piles of clothes, towels, blankets etc. can be an escape refuge for bed bugs. Temperatures are not usually hot enough in the middle of these cloth piles to kill bed bugs and eggs. If Bed Bugs are exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees they will always die. Very Important to hold the heat in the structure for at least 3-4 hours. Some people get in a hurry and then have problems later due to eggs or bugs not being killed. Using some properly placed Pesticides and Encasements with treatments increases your chances of success.

Our Thermal Treatments usually take 5-7 hours. With proper training a technician can successfully rid a house of bed bugs. We offer a 90 day warranty on our treatments.

In high risk areas where continual moving is taking place we offer a monthly or quarterly monitoring program. We can use our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs or the Sensi Monitoring Devices with Lure.

If you have Questions or Would like an Evaluation by one of pour trained inspectors please call us today at






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