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Bed Bugs found around Athens Georgia !

Bed Bugs are not just in Large Cities. Anywhere there is a lot of transient living there is a high risk of Bed Bugs.

Author:Garey Clark

Published: 03/15/2014

We find large numbers of Bed Bugs in College Dorms, Hotels, Extended Stay Living Quarters etc. When people are moving in and out of areas where sleeping occurs the risk is higher. So what do I do ?

If you are moving into a new apartment or unit inspect it if there is any furniture in it. If it is vacant that is much more difficult. in a vacant unit you want to look not only for the bugs which are probably going to hiding in a crack somewhere. However you can sometimes find excrement marks (POOP). These are black marks that look almost like someone took a Sharpie marker and made some little dots. They consistently nest together and makes these marks on their way and in the nesting area.. Below is a picture of some Bed bugs nesting in a Box Spring.

Bed Bugs bedbugs athens georgia

Since they are nocturnal insects they can be difficult to find. If you are entering a room with furniture check the bed first. Check the mattress seams all the way around looking for these marks. If you can flip the box spring up inspect the bottom of it looking for the same type of evidence. In Hotels we find them a lot behind the headboard. I suggest this is because the housekeepers are constantly changing the bedding disturbing them. If you are having a Bed Bug issue or think you may be having a Bedbug problem give us a call at 770-957-1915. Go to Clark Pest Remedy website. If you are in the Metro Atlanta Area you can go to Bed Bugs Atlanta where we now have an Office at:

2961 Westminster Cir. Atlanta, GA 30327 404-382-8206 770-957-2901 (fax) gclark@bedbugsatlanta.net

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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