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Bed Bugs and Traveling

Bed Bugs on Bed in Hotel - Atlanta, Ga.


Here are some tips for Hotels and Resorts !

  • When you get to the room - Take Luggage to Bathroom.

  • Take Toilet articles out.

  • Do Not place clothes in or on provided furniture.

  • If ironing board is present, don't use it without inspecting well first

  • Put your suitcases in trash bags and seal.

  • Use a trash bag for dirty clothes and seal. Place in Bathtub with Luggage.

  • live out of suitcases and bags.

  • Change clothes in bathroom and immediately put dirty clothes in sealed bag.

  • Inspect bed and headboard with flashlight. Look for bugs or excrement marks.

  • While you are there, use the bathroom as your safe haven for picking up bugs.

Any resort can have bed bugs

However, how management deals with it is what makes the difference.

When you get home

  • have "Safe Clothes prepared for each family member to change into when you get home. (in garage if possible)

  • Change clothes

  • put all clothes in dryer and dry for 45 minutes

  • leave suitcase in garage or out building after thorough vacuuming.

  • inspect any items that were left out close to bed or chairs.

If you take these steps, I know it's a pain, but you just reduced your chances Tremendously by doing this.

If you get back from a trip and saw evidence there or you are worried you brought them home.

Another quick solution is to have a K9 inspection with our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs. Even in small quantities the dogs can accurately define the absence or presence or bed bugs in the Atlanta and Macon, Ga. Areas.

bed bug dog checking bus in Atlanta, Ga.
Bed Bug Dog Checking Bus-Atlanta.jpg

For Information, Inspections, or Thermal Electric Heat Treatments in the Atlanta and Macon Areas - Give us a Call. 770-957-1915

We hope this has been helpful. Let Us Know !

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