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Bed Bugs a Major issue around Macon, Georgia !

Bed Bugs Macon

Adult Bed Bug – Macon, Ga.

There are many multi-unit properties where they are spreading quickly. Why ? Is it a result of resistance to pesticides ?

  1. Used Clothing

  2. Used Furniture

  3. Visitors from infested units.

  4. Traveling

  5. Public Transportation

  6. Theatres

  7. Visiting an infested home.

  8. They will sometimes go unnoticed for weeks or months.

  9. We use our Sensor Bed Bug K9 dogs to help determine areas of activity. Here is a recent Video of Lilly finding one bed bug on a bed. They are very efficient and accurate. Makes elimination so much easier when you know what’s going on.

Lilly can find bed bugs accurately and efficiently.

  1. K9 Bed Bug Dogs can help manage Multi- Unit Properties.

  2. Sensor Bed Bug Dogs – K9 Can Help You Manage Bed Bugs

  3. Hotels and Bed Bugs in Georgia !

  4. Using K9 Dogs to find Bed Bugs in Georgia and Hilton Head Areas !

  5. Be Careful with Used Furniture and Bed Bugs !

We have had many calls from the Macon Area about bed bugs . There of course is a military base in Warner Robins with a lot of housing in the area. There are several Senior Living facilities that we use our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs for on Quarterly Searches. This helps manage the bed bug activity and allows you to use your budget for surgical strike type treatments.

Bed Bugs Macon

Bed Bug on Carpet – Macon

Many hotels are also experiencing bed bug issues in the area. You should do an inspection of room and have a basic knowledge of what Bed Bugs look like and the evidence of such.

If you have any questions about Bed Bugs and their detection or elimination give us a call at 478- 239-6010

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