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Bed Bug Problems in Macon, Georgia !

Bed Bugs Found in Numerous Sites in Macon Area !

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Bed Bugs are being found in various commercial areas around the Middle Georgia Area. We are finding them in Senior High Rise. Assisted Living. Nursing Homes, Moving Trucks, Firehouses, Jails,and of course Hotels and Resorts.

Part of the problem is the lack of knowledge and understanding about how these insects work.

How can I keep from taking them to my home? Avoid areas with activity. That simple.

Do not take used furniture or belongings into your home until the items have been throughly dried in the dryer. If you can not dry them use a steamer or hairdryer to go over them with. Also alcohol mixed with water 50-50 can be a good temporary spray.

If you think you have been in an infested area there are precautions you can take. When you get home take your clothes off and put them straight into the dryer. Heat them for 30-40 minutes. Shower and you should be Okay. Don’t bring unknown personal items into the home. Leave them in garage or utility building unattached to living area.

In some cities they are being found consistently on Subways and Public Transportation.

Bed Bugs Problem on New York Subways

All bites are not Bed Bugs. This is what a typical Bed Bug bites look like.

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We specialize in Bed Bug Detection and Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments.

We have Sensor Bed Bug Dogs to use for pinpoint accuracy.

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Thermal Remediation electric Heat Equipment is the Best Method for Treatment.

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Call Us Today if you think you have a Bed Bug Problem !

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