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Bed Bug Heat Treatments - Atlanta - Macon - McDonough

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

When bed bugs have been discovered at your home what is one to do ?

Bed bugs cloth Atlanta
Bed Bugs love thick cloth.

Make sure that what you have found is indeed bed bugs. We get so many calls from people that have bites or rashes and think they may have a bed bug issue when many times it is not. We see them throwing furniture and beds away needlessly. Do not start guessing at what it may be. The possibilities are endless and you need your sanity to win this war. If we even have one.

Bites or marks can be from a number of things.

‘’Our K9 Bed Bug Dogs are called on to answer complaints in AirBNB type cabins and such in the Mountains of North Georgia. Keep in mind when people go to these areas there’s hiking trails, woods, etc. With backpacks they go. Then when they wake up the next day with some bites they think it’s bed bugs. Nope !

There are so many bugs in the woods and mosquitoes that bite people.

‘Lots of false alarms !

Also we get clients that find an insect in or near a bed and assume it’s a bed bug.

Carpet beetle Clark pest remedy Atlanta
Carpet Beetle Larvae stage

Carpet Beetles are very common to find in living areas. They like cloth similar to bed bugs, however they do not bite or feed on humans. I wish I had a $20 bill for every time we have showed to someone’s home that was claiming to know they have bed bugs only to find out it’s been misdiagnosed totally.

We will not treat a home without first having evidence of live bed bug activity. If you do, you may be making a big mistake.

I have been dealing with Bed Bugs for 15 years daily and one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to only go by evidence. If you have skin marks, bed bugs is just one on the list of possibilities.

If there are indeed bed bugs present there will be evidence If only a small number are brought in, it may be weeks before anyone notices or sees evidence. This is one of the main uses for Sensor Bed Bug Dogs. They don't rely on vision and their olfactoral capabilities are amazing ! I have witnessed them solving problems ,time after time.

If Evidence is found and it is Bed Bugs.

if the house is under 1800-2,000 sq ft and we find them in numerous spots, we will generally call for a Whole House Heat Treatment. if you only treat the infested rooms they can move or be moved at any time. We don't want a failure. Neither do you.

if it is a larger home or structure we look at the scenario and advise a treatment method that will be effective. This depends on our findings and other information gathered.

Are all Heat Treatments the Same ?


This Equipment is very Expensive. Propane Heat is very inexpensive comparatively,

So watch out for the Discount Heat Systems. They can cause safety issues and are not going to provide equal heat temperatures. its not uncommon for them to have to bring the haet in at 160-170 degrees in order to have 120 degrees in a far bedroom. This can cause problems, especially in the area where it is so hot. We never go over 135 degrees. Our electric heaters will shut off until the temp falls below 135 degrees. Our equipment was engineered and designed to eradicate bed bugs. not to damage or cause safety issues.

We do not use Propane Heaters. Only Electric Heaters. We have generators in our trucks and trailers that supply the power for the heaters. Propane heaters bring the heat in the structure at one spot. Very similar to you having a Window AC unit. It cools that area but does not cool the bedroom down the hallway. So in order to reach kill temperature in that back bedroom they have to bring it in very hot. and then try to distribute the heat with fans. The ductwork for the propane heaters have caused many accidents and fires by touching other objects - carpet- blankets. etc. They do produce heat and if you were doing a large room would probably be acceptable. Houses are not set up that way.

119 is kill temp for bed bugs. I had a propane heater and used it for a few months years ago but we had some incidents that changed my mind about propane heaters. I sold it and have never used propane since.

We place the heaters strategically in each room. some larger rooms need 2 heaters. There will be no difference in any of the rooms as far as temperatures go. We monitor it all the way through the process and know how long it took to reach kill temperature and hold it for 5-6 hours. We re-enter constantly moving heaters and fans to highlight hot spots.

While we are waiting on the heat, we set the beds up, and also a containment spray to keep them from escaping the heat. we treat perimeters of rooms as well as high risk host areas to give us some extra help and residual.

We warranty the process for 30 days. And if there is an issue - We don't run. That's why we are the best. No Excuses. Kill the Bugs.

Give Us A Call if you have any Questions or want more information.


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