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Bed Bug Detection and Treatment in Atlanta Georgia !

How Do I know If I Have Bed Bugs?

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You can check around your mattress seams looking for their excrement,shed casings, or the actual insects. They are usually found also at the bottom of box springs. You can remove the screen stapled on the bottom but put it in a trash bag and immediately take outside to garbage. Also be careful when removing in case there are eggs that could spread. Peel back the cloth and look for the black excrement marks. These marks are like tiny ink spots that sink in to fabric and create a permanent mark. Simply throwing away mattresses and boxsprings will usually not eliminate the infestation. We specialize in Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments in Georgia. We use electric heat equipment and monitor the treatment with sensors and wireless computer system. A heat treatment typically can take from 5-8 hours depending on the area to be treated. After the treatment it also takes about 1-2 hours to cool back to normal temperatures.

We give a 90 day warranty on our treatments and provide information to focus on not transferring to others.

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