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Be Careful with Used Furniture and Bed Bugs !

We service Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Athens, Marietta, Hilton Head Areas and we see a lot of people that bring Bed Bugs into their home with used furniture.

Bed Bugs Couch Atlanta

Bed Bugs infested couch – Atlanta

I understand trying to save money on furniture but some deals or even gifts may be your worst nightmare.

bed bugs headboard savannah

Bed Bugs infested headboard – Savannah

I see people every day that were given furniture and then find out that person that donated it has a bed bug issue and now so do you. Or buying it on Facebook Groups, Craigslist, etc. It’s not like 20 years ago when you could buy a recliner at a yard sale and have no chance of it being infested with Bed Bugs. No more of that !

My wife used to love to go to yard sales and I still have some of it but she works in the office and hears all the stories frm customers that got Bed Bugs from used furniture. So she never goes anymore.

I deal with a lot of poor people. They are very likely to get used furniture for obvious reasons. They also are the same with used clothing. At least with used clothes you can put them in a dryer for 40 minutes and be okay.

These furniture rental places are having issues with repo furniture being infested and transporting it in the same trucks they use for delivery of new products. Then many times it is brought back and stored alongside new furniture. Those type of places need to install and build a heat chamber onsite. Then any used could be put in there before it enters the warehouse.. The protocol must be changed in these type environments or trouble follows. It’s a crapshoot with this stuff.

Bed Bug Skins Savannah

Bed Bug Shells or Skins

Unless you know where the furniture has been you should inspect it with a good flashlight and of course know what you are looking for. The picture above is excrement and skins where they commonly shed their outer shell and make a new one. The Black marks are excrement marks and signals activity and nesting.

bed bugs box springs marietta

Bed Bugs infested Box Springs – marietta, Georgia

Sometimes Bed Bugs are not easy to find when there is low population. Our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs are a great tool to use for quick efficient inspections with accurate results.

bed bug dog macon

Bed Bug Dog – Abby inspecting a bed in Macon

If you ever have any questions about Bed Bugs give us a call at 770–957-1915 and we will evaluate your situation.

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  5. Be Careful with Used Furniture and Bed Bugs !

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