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Bat Bugs and Bed Bugs in Georgia !

Very difficult to tell the difference.

Bat Bugs Bed Bugs Atlanta Georgia Clark Pest Remedy
  1. The bed bug (Cimex lectularius) and its relatives (Family: Cimicidae) form a small group of bloodsucking insects.

  2. Bat and bed bugs have a short broad head, broadly attached to the prothorax, and an oval body.

  3. Because of the different habits of the various bed bugs, proper identification determines where to direct controls to be most effective.

  4. Bed bug control is very difficult and requires all infested sites to be effectively treated at the same time.

We have found a few cases where a home had a bat problem. They had the bats removed and sealed the openings for reentry. The Bat Bugs that were feeding on the Bats however still remain and now there are no bats to feed on. If this is misidentified (which could very easily happen) an exterminator and homeowner could go through a very frustrating situation.. In this case a heat treatment just like a normal indoor treatment for bed bugs plus a dusting or spraying of the attic areas where they would be harboraging. Concentrating on the areas that the bats were nesting would be a good strategy however some treatment would need to be applied to the entire area. Usually the area is too large to use Nuban Strips. If you need more information about Bed Bugs and the Detection and Treatment of these frustrating insects visit us at Clark Pest Remedy !

We have completed over a thousand Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs with lots of success. If you are in the Macon and Middle Georgia area , Savannah,Brunswick,St. Simon area , we also service those areas.

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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