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Atlanta Georgia has Bed Bugs ! Kill Them With Heat !

How Long Has Atlanta Had a Bed Bug Problem ?

Atlanta has had Bed Bug problems for the past 6 years. There may have been some isolated incidences before that but the main influx of infestation started around 2006-2007. Our calls have dramatically risen since then. Some Residential customers are bringing them home from Hotels and Resorts on trips. Others are bringing them in on used furniture or clothing. Visitors that are infested can bring you their problem. Unattached residences are the easiest for us to control simply because it is a more controlled environment. We generally have more cooperation for preparation for treatment. It is also easier to control the traffic in and out to focus on not spreading the bugs.

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Controlling them in a multi-unit high rise can be very difficult. Educating the tenants is something we do a lot of. I have Tenant Classes I tech to have them be more aware of how they can obtain bed bugs. I show them pictures and explain how they transfer. I warn them not to bring possibly infested items into the building. Also if they have infestation they need to be very careful taking infested Mattresses and Box springs out of the building.

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If you are having a Bed Bug problem at your home or facility Call Us Today at 770-957-1915 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have and let us explain our Complete from Start to Finish Bed Bug Program. From Sensor Bed Bug Dogs for Detection to Thermal Remediation Equipment for Excellent Results !

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