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Here in Georgia we really only have subterranean (ground nesting) termites. Atlanta bed bugs aren't the only pests people need to worry about. Occasionally we will have some dry wood termites but they are usually transported in from an area that has natural dry wood termites. Formosan Termites have been found in Georgia in a few incidences; however, they have also been transported in from areas that have quite a problem with Formosan Termites. Formosan Termites are also ground nesting termites; however, their colonies are much larger and they can do damage to wood at a faster rate. Dry wood termites actually reproduce inside the wood so detection is more difficult with these. They create small pellets which sometimes are the only signal that they are present.

At Clark Pest Remedy we have been doing  Atlanta termite control and Termite Treatments for over 20 years!

Boy, have things changed over time in the world of Atlanta pest control!  Chlordane was the termiticide of choice before 1986. Then Dursban and Dragnet among others were popular but didn't hold up well in the soil. Necessity is the mother of invention and the Bait Systems came out which have helped tremendously in being able to control termites with very little or no pesticides. Termidor and Premise are 2 Termiticides that we have available in a wettable powder. There are no fumes or odors from these materials and they have been tested to last at least 10 years in soil types similar to ours here in Georgia. For that reason most companies are going back to more liquid treatments.

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We recently found Formosan Termites in a house in Henry Co. This is very unusual. They are damaging this house at a fast rate. We found the carton and treated it yesterday. Here is a picture of what we found.
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Here is a video of Termites and Termite Damage by PJB Consulting.

Termite Control In the Metro Atlanta Georgia Area

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